As-Salt, the ancient town was one of the most important trading hubs from the late 19th to early 20th century. As-Salt was the first capital of Trans-Jordan in the early 20th century. People continue to live in As-Salt, and the cultural heritage keeps on living and developing. As-Salt is called as “Living Heritage” In this traditional town, you can enjoy the unique experience which isn’t available in other touristic sites. That is the experience of the Arab lifestyle. We have discussed how to express this uniqueness to the tourists and reached to a conclusion. Core value of As-Salt is :

"Experience of traditional Arab life style in a well-preserved historic old city– Eishet As Salt (Salti life)"

And this core value is realized with 4 values below:

Value 1:Heritage buildings and historical townscape

In As-Salt you go back in time to an amazing town of narrow old routes and dazzling houses from the late Ottoman period. The town still maintains its markets and splendid traditional yellow limestone buildings with long-arched windows, forming a beautiful golden townscape that shines in the morning sun.

It is an ideal place to admire architecture and a beautiful historical townscape, with routes winding their way around hills while connecting stone stairways and paths descending the slopes. 

Value 2: Old capital and people proud of themselves:

After the Ottoman Empire this ancient town was the capital of Jordan, and it was one of its most important trading hubs from the late 19th to early 20th century. Even though Amman has grown phenomenally and is now Jordan’s capital, As-Salt city still retains its charm and the pace of a different centuries!

As-Saltis are a proud people: they are proud of being pioneers since they have numerous 'firsts’ in Jordan, such as the first secondary school and the first hospital.  They also have pride in their historic old city, their rich culture and traditional lifestyle, and most importantly they have pride in their love for their city!

Value 3: Traditional lifestyle

In As-Salt there are many traditional businesses and skilled artisans which enrich the culture.  As you walk down the street you will see a variety of different trades and shops, including blacksmiths, shoemakers, barbers, stores making Arabic sweets, and shops selling herbs.

Value 4: Appropriate size of city tourists can walk freely

You will notice that As-Salt is surrounded by three hills (Salalem, Jada’a and Qala’a).  Even if you think you have got lost in As-Salt, as soon as you descend any hill you return to the centre.  There are a lot of attractions just inside the town.  Visit the core museum and its satellites; the traditional market, local people's traditional houses and many other places are well worth seeing in this compact area.