Introduction to SEM

SEM stands for As-Salt Ecomuseum - this sees the whole city of As-Salt as a museum, focusing on its unique value as a ‘Living Heritage’ where people's traditional lifestyle is integrated with the cultural property.

This concept believes that As-Salti people are the true owners of their culture. They are the best people to conserve, define, and explain about their tangible and intangible cultural resources.

As-Salt Ecomuseum (SEM) management committee was established to ensure that all activities relating to SEM are in line with its concepts.

Salt Development Corporation (SDC) is the core member of the SEM management committee.  SDC is responsible for introducing and promoting the uniqueness of Salt’s living heritage and the attractiveness of As-Salt city. Its main role is to ensure the quality of tourism activities so that tourism development will happen in a sustainable way, without jeopardizing As-Salt’s authentic heritage and culture.

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Salt Development Corporation

Tel /Fax: (+962)-5-355-4914

Mob: (+962)-79-933-0092

Historic Old Salt Museum (Dr. Ibrahim)

Tel: (+962)-79-647-8895

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