We organize the trail tour with Home visit and traditional cloth experience in As-Salt.

Home visit - "Experience of Arab lifestyle"

Home visits are intended to show tourists As-Salti people's hospitality and welcoming culture, to give tourists an opportunity to experience the traditional Arab lifestyle in As-Salt, and to provide a benefit to local people. 


 Special characteristics of our home visits are:

- The local family will show you their treasured belongings and tell stories about their families and As-Salt.

- Houses have traditional architecture.

- People still live in these traditional houses.

-The local people will offer you some traditional experiences – which ones depend upon the house you visit.

What tourists have said after a home visit:

“The family I visited were so warm and very hospitable. They welcomed us like we were members of their own family. I felt truly at home in As-Salt, and I plan to keep coming back!” “The lunch I had on the home visit was delicious. I found the food delicate and the flavor was delicious! I couldn’t stop eating! I even asked for the recipe!”

The home visit will include:

* Arabic welcome coffee

* Traditional dishes along with explanation

* Traditional sweets

* Soft drinks

Depending on which house you visit, one or more of the following will be included:

* Traditional story-telling

* Demonstration of how to wear traditional clothes – and trying them on

* Making bread

* Showing homemade handicrafts and the family’s treasured belongings!

Attractions of a home visit (welcome coffee, Maglubah, treasured belongings of local people)


Your welcome

You will find your hosts waiting by the front entrance, welcoming you to the house and saying "Ahlan wa Sahlan".  This means "Welcome as one of our family".


Welcome coffee

You will be offered a delicious Arabic traditional coffee as soon as you enter an As-Salti family house. This shows how happy they are to welcome you into their home, and how they truly want you to enjoy your visit.

After you have drunk your coffee, one of the family members will come to collect your cup. They will wait for you to show whether you would like more coffee. If you do not want any more, shake your cup and your cup will be collected. However, if you would like more, just hand them the cup and they will pour you more coffee!



During the home visit you can try different kinds of As-Salti or Jordanian food.

One of the most famous dishes is Maglubah. This is rice cooked with meat or chicken and vegetables. There are different recipes depending on the type of vegetables used. Maglubah means ‘upside down’ - after the food is cooked the pan is turned upside down when turning the dish out onto the serving plate.



Treasures, story-telling

After you have enjoyed the taste of As-Salti local food, it will be time to hear some stories and to try some different experiences.

You might be told stories about a person's family, and may find similarities or differences to your own situation.   

Depending on which house you visit, the experience will be different; in one house you can try wearing traditional As-Salti clothes, and in another you may try traditional bread-making.

When you are trying some of the activities, you may hear something that sounds like shouting. This is called "Zaghrouteh", a form of ululation practiced by Salti women. The sound is a unique expression of enormous joy, and is usually performed at weddings, ceremonies and other celebrations.

We invite you to experience this amazing form of enjoyment in As-Salti houses! We are sure you will really enjoy your visit!



To make a reservation for a home visit, please contact Salt Development Corporation :

(+962-79-933-0092 or +962-5-355-4914). 

We will organize your tour, including a visit to the house of one of the local families! Please make your reservation 2-3 days in advance; the families can normally receive you at their home any time between 12:00-16:00. The minimum number for a home visit is two people