What is Ecomuseum?

One of the reasons why As-Salt is becoming an attractive town for tourists is that development of the town and tourism has been following the Ecomuseum system.

So what is the difference between an ordinary museum and an Ecomuseum?

In traditional museums, there are exhibits inside the museum building. In an Ecomuseum system, the tangible and intangible assets of the town are regarded as the exhibits of the Ecomuseum.

An Ecomuseum has the concept of a certain area being an “open sky museum”. Community members, on their own initiative, preserve, conserve, present and utilize their inherited tangible and intangible heritage, such as nature, culture and lifestyle, in a sustainable and scientific manner. Its purpose is to lead to the development of the local community through interaction between community members and visitors who have deepened their understanding of the value of the heritage.

Arai, J. (1995): Practice, Introduction of Ecomuseum, Makino Publication

Ecomuseum in As-Salt ?

The Ecomuseum in As-Salt contains the core museum, satellites and discovery trails. In the trails, we connect satellites according to the main theme of each trail. One of the examples in As-Salt is the Harmony Trail.

Core museum, satellites and trails

Core museum:The Core Museum is the center of the Ecomuseum, and provides all information which has been collected and managed. Instructions for utilizing the SEM are provided, and the visitors are guided to the satellites.  The Core Museum of As-Salt Ecomuseum is in the Historic Old Salt Museum (HOSM).

Satellite:Satellites aim to show cultural resources such as buildings, including small museums or shops, heritage, public spaces and roads, which are situated at original locations and prove the stories about the Ecomuseum.

Discovery trails :Discovery trails are walks which effectively exhibit and explain stories about the cultural resources to local people as well as visitors. The discovery trails within the Ecomuseum consist of a group of satellites which explain a specific story.


Harmony Trail

By walking around our one-hour trail, which has been designed to support an interesting tourist visit, you can come into close contact with one of the most appealing traits in As-Salt - harmony (social, religious, and buildings).

Witness the peaceful, loving atmosphere of people's daily life in Hammam Street and Ain Plaza! Or sense the religious harmony by visiting the Latin Church and the Small Mosque, which both share the same stairs! Or realize the beauty of Salt's heritage houses, which were built using As-Salti yellow limestone - considered the finest stone at that time! (More)


Daily life trail

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