We would like to introduce the unique values of As-Salt, which are not found in other tourist sites.  As-Salt's core value is 


"Experience traditional Arab life style in a well-preserved historic old city"

Eishet As Salt (As-Salti life)

Core Values: 

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 Value 1:

Heritage buildings  and historical townscape

 Value 2:

Old capital and people proud of themselves

 Value 3:

Traditional life style

 Value 4:

Appropriate size of city tourists can walk freely


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Home visit & Trails


Home visit

Home Visits are intended to show tourists As-Salti people's hospitality and welcoming culture, to give tourists an opportunity to experience the traditional Arab lifestyle in As-Salt, and to provide a benefit to local people. 

 Harmony Trail concept

As-Salt is a model of harmony in Jordan - social, religious, and architectural harmony.

People of all faiths and backgrounds live peacefully with mutual trust, as a society in harmony.  As-Salti society is considered to be a system that is organized by a common culture and traditions. As-Salti people live in extended families - the family has a high priority in their life. As-Salti people are helpful and courteous, and are always happy to act as hosts and guides.


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Arai, J. (1995): Practice, Introduction of Ecomuseum, Makino Publication

Ecomuseum concept


In the traditional museum, there are exhibits in the museum building. On the other hand, Ecomuseum is the concept to regard a certain area as a museum. We can also call it “open-sky museum”.



In Ecomuseum, the community members, on their own initiatives, preserve, conserve, present and utilize their inherited tangible and intangible heritages such as nature, culture and lifestyle in sustainable and scientific manners. In As-Salt, this Ecomuseum concept is utilized to show the tourists the attractiveness of As-Salt.

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The secondary school in As-Salt was the first secondary school in Jordan, and many prime ministers and ministers graduated from this school. Since As-Salt was once the capital in the Transjordan era, there are many "firsts" in Salt. There are unique characteristics in Salt’s history, architecture, education, society and tradition. This uniqueness makes As-Salt an attractive traditional city in Jordan. We describe each aspect in more detail on the relevant page.


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